Style of the Month

Each year at the November meeting the Board of Directors, with input from club members, will designate twelve styles of beer, one for each month of the next calendar year.  The majority of the styles will be BJCP recognized styles, but exceptions may be made at the Board’s discretion.  Styles will usually be chosen that are appropriate for drinking during the month in which they are judged and/or with some thought as to how long it takes to brew certain styles or the appropriate brewing season.

Once styles have been determined, members will be chosen to give a short presentation on each beer style two months in advance of each month’s style deadline. The first presentation will be given in November on the beer style that is to be brewed for January. These presentations should include a brief history of the style, its origin, typical ingredients and brewing techniques, and style guidelines.

A Style of the Month judging committee will be formed from among the membership to serve as judges for the next calendar year. A committee chairperson will be appointed by the Board of Directors. Members of the judging committee may enter beers in the Style of the Month Club competition and qualify to win the Brewer of the Year prize for that calendar year. The judging committee will taste each month’s style entries and determine by consensus (1) which entries can be considered true to that month’s style and (2) the top three beers for that month. In the event that a consensus cannot be reached, the committee chairperson will decide the outcome. Beers will be awarded points as follows:

First place beer: 5 points
Second place beer: 4 points
Third place beer: 3 points
All other beers that meet the style: 2 points

Each member who enters any Style of the Month Club contest will accumulate points throughout the year. The committee chair will keep track of the points as they accumulate throughout the year.

Only members in good standing of the Marquette Home Brewers may enter beers in the Style of the Month Club contest. No team entries will be accepted. All beers entered must be 100% home brewed by the member entering the beer, although any amount of help and/or advice given by other brewers is accepted and appropriate. Any method of brewing is appropriate for the Style of the Month Club contest.

Club members may choose to enter beers in as few or as many of the monthly styles as they wish, whether they are competing for Brewer of the Year or not. Multiple entries per member per month will be accepted but only one entry per member per month can be awarded points toward Brewer of the Year.

The committee will tally points at the December meeting. The winner will receive a Marquette Home Brewers Brewer of the Year trophy which will travel from brewer to brewer each year when there is a new winner. Names of each winner will be engraved on the trophy along with the year in which they were Brewer of the Year.

In order to enter a beer in the Style of the Month Club for any given month, brewers must turn in one (1) bottle at least twelve (12) oz. in size. An effort should be made to keep the beer as close to the recommended serving temperature as possible.

 2018 Styles
January: Sprint Challenge (style declared at December meeting, be prepared to brew!)
February: Gose (see BJCP 27—Historical Beers)
March: American Stout (BJCP 20B)
April: Brew With Coffee Challenge
May: Kolsch (BJCP 5B)
June: Schwarzbier (BJCP 8B)
August: Clone Challenge (commercial beer to be specified – same beer for all)
September: Adjunct Lager (BJCP 1A, 1B, 2A, etc)
October: English Dark Mild (BJCP 13A)
November: Wood Aged Beer (BJCP 33A or 33B)
December: Open Style Christmas Spiced Beer (BCJP 30C, Winter Seasonal Beer)
2017 Styles
January: Blueberry Wheat
February: Brown Ale
March: Dry Irish Stout
April: Chopped Challenge. Challenge ingredients announced at January meeting: buckwheat (at least 5% of the grain bill), lemongrass, watermelon Jolly Ranchers, Angostura Bitters.  All ingredients must be used and preferably  be apparent in the beer.
May: Czech Pilsner
June: Open Category Smoked Beer
July: American Pale Ale
August: Open Category Pepper Beer
September: Clone Challenge (brewer picks a commercial beer and brings some for comparison)
October: Vienna Lager
November: Wild Yeast Challenge (brewer must capture the yeast)
December: Big Beers (10%+ ABV)
2016 Styles
January: Irish Red Ale
February: West Coast IPA
March: Roast Your Own Malt challenge
April: Baltic Porter
May: Eisbock
June: Kettle Sour Challenge
July: Belgian wit
August: Gruit
September: Session challenge (anything less than 4% ABV)
October: Kentucky common
November: Rauchbier
December: Field Challenge (use a wild ingredient that will be evident in the beer)
January Milk Stout
February Dortmunder Lager
March Robust Porter
April ??? Jill won
May Sours
June ???
July Helles
August Saison
September Bitter
October Pumpkin Ale
November Wee Heavy
December Russian Imperial Stout
July Hefeweizen
August Cream Ale
September California Common
October Oktoberfest
November Oatmeal Stout
December Holiday Spiced Beer