February 2019

My apologies to the homebrewers on my lack of updates as of late. This is something I hope to fix coming into the new year. I mean “New Year, New You” right? Anywho, things discussed at the February meeting are as follows.

Styles of the quarter for 2019.

  • March (really May): Barrel + Beam yeast challenge (brew any beer using Barrel + Beam yeast, which the brewery has donated)
  • June: Brut IPA
  • September: Fest Beer
  • December: English Porter

Since someone, who will remain unnamed, forgot to update the website in time the Barrel + Beam yeast challenge has been pushed to May.  At the March Brewers meeting, a talk and discussion will take place regarding the B+B yeast and yeast will be distributed; tasting and judging will take place at the May meeting.

We have an April Big Brew day scheduled for the 13th with a tentative location of Barrel and Beam.  We will be tasting and judging the annual brewing contest beers that day as well.

Speaking of April. If you are interested submitting beers for the annual brewing contest, to be judged by local breweries, please do so at the April meeting. This year we are limiting it to two(2) beers per brewer.

June Updates

This months meeting was mostly spent tasting beers. With Spring Ferment no longer in the summer, and that big American Holiday just around the corner, there isn’t much going on this month. We sampled two schwarzesbier’s. Unfortunately for Sean Rooney his was contaminated, but luckily for Sean Rooney there were only two entries so he still took second place.

It would seem that our yeast experiment tasting will be set for August. As July style of the month is NEIPA and we do not yet have one set for August.


April updates

Spring Ferment is officially profitable … probably! We are still waiting to finalize some bills and payments from a few vendors but this year was by far our best year. With that, the Home Brewers have decided to turn the festival and its future planning over the Coop Brewery (per Coop acceptance of course).

Our annual brew contest turn in date has been pushed back to September. We will also be limiting the number of turn-ins to 2 per brewer. We will continue to have a couple local professional brewers judge, but will also have the club judge as well.

The music brew challenge, extreme music, is being pushed back to June. So everyone will still have some time to make some Extreme Brews. I personally am excited about this one. Mine will be called “The King” and that’s all I’ll say.

Last Wednesday meetings have been canceled simply due to lack of attendance. We may push it to Fridays or Saturdays, or possible have a bi-yearly beer jam or beer-cation.

Finally, don’t forget our big brew day on April 28th at Barrel and Beam. All the cool kids are doing it!